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Fair Play Codes
For the Children in Sport
1.          Play for your own enjoyment, not to please parents, teachers or coaches.
2.         Control your temper; fighting and “mouthing off” spoil the game for everyone.
3.         Co-operate with your team mates and opponents, for without them you don’t have a game.
4.         Play by the rules.
5.         Work equally hard for yourself and your team. Your team’s performance will benefit and so will your own.
6.         Winning is only part of it. Having fun, making friends and doing your best are also important.
7.         Cheer on good play, both your team and your opponents.
8.         Remember the coaches and officials are there to help you. Co-operate with them.
Notes for Parents
1.          Your child will be given a shirt at the start of the season. Please look after this shirt and return it to your coach on Gala Day.
2.         Remember, children play for their enjoyment, not yours.
3.         Encourage your child or children to play by the rules of the game and by the fair play codes.
4.         Never ridicule or yell at your child.
5.         Applaud all good plays, both your child’s team and the opponent’s team.
6.         Actions speak louder than words; make sure your behaviour sets a good example for fair play.
7.         Support all efforts to remove violence from children’s sport.
8.         Show your appreciation of volunteer coaches, referees and officials.
9.         If your child is unable to play, please make every effort to let your coach know as soon as possible.
10.        Support Junior Soccer by showing up for the net roster and if you’re unable to do it when rostered, find a replacement.
11.        Draws for each Saturday’s games are posted on our website www.crookwellsoccer.org.au and are submitted for publication in the Crookwell Gazette, they will normally, but no always, appear in Thursday’s paper.
12.        If Junior Soccer if cancelled for any reason, notice of such changes will be broadcast over 2GN and 93.5 Eagle FM on Saturday morning, if possible between 7.30am and 8.00am, so please listen carefully. If time permits they will also be posted on our website.
Notes for Coaches
1.          All coaches MUST fill out a working with children form at the start of each season.
2.         Draws for each Saturday’s games are submitted for publication in the Crookwell Gazette and normally, but no always, appear in Thursday’s paper and on our website www.crookwellsoccer.org.au.
3.         The Upper Lachlan Shire Council, Club President and Secretary will only make cancellations to fixtures.
4.         Notice of such changes will be broadcast over 2GN and 93.5 Eagle FM on Saturday morning, if possible between 7.30am and 8.00am, so please listen carefully. If time permits it will also be posted on our website www.crookwellsoccer.org.au If you think, there may be a chance that soccer could be called off for that day contact any committee member listed on the website. (The above includes inclement weather).
5.         All matches must start at times set down and be played in accordance with the playing by-laws.
6.         Any coach with a complaint or who wishes to lodge a protest must do so OFFICIALLY through the club secretary within 24 hours of match.
7.         Any enquiries should be directed to the club secretary.
8.         All persons involved in any way with soccer are advised to take note of the playing by-laws of the Crookwell Junior Soccer Club, which appear on this website.
9.         Finally, please remember that we should play all promote that all games are played in a friendly and honest manner. Un-sportsmanship behaviour or dishonesty has no place in sport, most particularly in junior sport.
The Junior Soccer Committee would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all our sponsors.   The money received from our sponsors is used to purchase balls, soccer shirts, nets, trophies and other necessary equipment. We hope to continue receiving their support in the future and we are always open to extra sponsorship from other businesses, to guarantee the future success of Junior Soccer.
This year with approximately 130 children registered with the club, our sponsor’s donation is vital to the survival of our club.
The Junior Soccer Club urges all supporters of junior soccer to SUPPORT the following sponsor’s of Crookwell Junior Soccer:
Crookwell Services Club

Davies Newsagency
McGeechan Farm Supplies
There is always insufficient people available to referee and run lines in soccer games. So if you are interested we are prepared to teach you the laws of the game at a training session.
You will find refereeing very rewarding and you will get to meet many different people. In addition, it’s a great way to get fit and earn some extra income.
You will be welcomed by the Junior Soccer Club, so if you are interested please contact the referee coordinator.
The Committees main aim in providing soccer is:
If these principles are applied and followed, the game will continue to grow.
In our Club, fair play is a way of life, and courteous conduct is our reward.
Also, remember that referees and linesman are people who enjoy the sport (and are mostly young) and adjudicate the game on your behalf. Accept and appreciate their decisions.
We, the executive of the Crookwell Junior Soccer Club take this opportunity to wish all players, referees, coaches, parents and supporters the very best for the 2018 season may it be rewarding to all and injury free.
The Junior Soccer Commitee would like to thank all volunteers who give up their time early on Saturday mornings to help out in the canteen. This helps support the Club directly.  Without your help the canteen would not run.  Thank you for your time and effort - it is appreciated.
Roster duties will be listed in players name and any relative or friend (over the age of 16) can do the appointed duty.
CANTEEN DUTY is 8.30am to approximately 11.30am.
Net Roster
The Junior Soccer Committee would like to thank all volunteers who give up their time early on Saturday mornings to help put up the nets and set up. Without this help our competition would not be run so smoothly. Your time and effort is appreciated.
Roster duties will be listed in players name and any relative or friend (over the age of 16) can do the appointed duty.
NET duty is at 8.30am.
Crookwell Junior Soccer Club Incorporated Junior By-Laws
Amendments to the By-laws made at the Annual General Meeting are:
1.          Registration is open to boys and girls turning 5-13 years during the current calendar year.
2.         Only registered players may play in the Crookwell Junior Soccer Club competition or represent the Club in the inter-club matches.
3.         The Committee will grade and place players into teams.
4.         No player shall play in a lower grade than that in which he/she is graded.
5.         Players will wear tops supplied by Junior Soccer Club in the colour of the team.
6.         All players in A, B and C Grades must wear moulded football boots; this is optional in D Grade.
7.         Shin pads MUST be worn UNDER socks in all grades.
8.         If a player is sent off, the following shall apply:
a.       The referee shall note on the score card the player has been sent off and the reason will be noted.
b.       The Crookwell Soccer Club Judiciary may suspend the player for a number of matches as per STFA rules and by-laws.
c.       A suspended player may be substituted under Section D.
d.       Temporary suspension from a game may be imposed at the discretion of the referee.
9.         No player is permitted to enter the field of play in any division without the referee’s approval.
1.          Players will be placed into Four Grades, with each team being allocated a colour.
2.         Teams will receive Two (2) points for a win, One (1) point for a draw, and no points for a loss, bye or inclement weather.
3.         There will be semi-finals, finals and grand finals in A and B Grade. C and D Grade will continue as per draw no finals are played in these grades.
4.         A Grade will have two halves of 20 minutes each half. B Grade will have two halves of 20 minutes each half. C and D Grades will have two halves of 15 minutes each half. All Grades will have a 5 minute break between each half.
5.         Players will be graded within a team based on ability.
6.         Only one coach per team is allowed on the field at any one time in C and D Grade. No coach/es are permitted on the field in A or B Grade.
7.         The Club will hold semi-finals, finals and grand finals as follows:
a.       Semi-finals will be played between the teams who finished first, second, third and fourth on the points table. Team 1 verses Team 2. Team 3 verses Team 4. The winners of Team 1 verses Team 2 will go straight through to the grand finals. The loser of Team 1 verses Team 2 will play in the Finals. The winner of Team 3 verses Team 4 will play in the Finals.  The loser of Team 3 verses Team 4 will be eliminated. The winner of the
Finals will play in the Grand Final with the loser being eliminated.
b.       If a semi final or final is drawn, extra time of five (5) minutes each way shall be played. In extra time “SUDDEN DEATH GOAL” will apply, meaning the first team to score a goal in extra time will be declared the winner. If still a draw after extra time, the team leading the points table shall be declared the winner.
c.      If the grand final is drawn at the end of normal time, five (5) minutes each way is played in extra time. In extra time “SUDDEN DEATH GOAL” will apply, if still drawn the two teams will be declared joint winners.
INTERNATIONAL AND STFA RULES/BY-LAWS shall apply with the following exemptions:
1.              Penalty kicks shall be taken 6 metres from the goal line in B, C and D Grade.
2.             In B, C and D Grade, goal kicks shall be taken from the top of the penalty area.
3.             Goalkeepers from all grades must wear keeper’s tops supplied by the club.
4.             The size of the goal area in B, C and D Division shall be smaller than standard.
5.             Defending players in C and D Grades must retire behind the halfway line for a goal kick.
1.          In A, B and C Grades you are allowed one substitute from the same grade, but they must play in goal. You can obtain any player/s from a lower grade and they may play in any position. All substitutions must only be made to make even numbers. D Grade can substitute within same grade to obtain even numbers.
2.         A substitute can only play three (3) games with any team.
2.         Replacements can only be made from a lower grade that has played their competition game, for the semi finals, finals and grand finals, first on that day.
The Referee Coordinator will appoint a referee and linesperson to matches. If the appointed referee cannot do rostered duty they are to find a replacement. If unable to find a replacement the referee coordinator must be notified.
The referees’ duty is to:
a.                   Collect ball, whistle and score card before the game.
b.                   Check all players’ shoes and shin pads.
c.                   Tick off all players names and write in any substitutes name on match card
d.                   Ensure the game starts on time.
e.                   Show on the scorecard with a cross each goal scorer.
f.                    Show clearly on the scorecard the final score.
g.                   Write comments on the scorecard to assist the Club’s Publicity Officer.
h.                   Ensure all attacking players in C and D Grade retire to the halfway line when a goal kick is taken.
i.                     Encourage good throw-ins in A, B and C Grade.
j.                    Promote fair play and a clean game.
k.                   Return ball, whistle and scorecard after the game.
l.                     Report any problems to the Referee Coordinator.
1.                    The Clubs season will conclude with a Gala Day
2.                   The Gala Day rules will be as for the regular competition, with the following exceptions:
a.                   If there are more than six teams in the one grade, the teams will be split into two groups.
b.                   Teams in each group/grade will play each other once.
c.                   The committee will handicap teams through the allocation of a goals start. (Goals given as a handicap to count in the same way as goals scored).
d.                   Points will determine winning teams on the day, if teams finish equal on points, goal differences shall be used to determine the winner. 
e.          Games will be shorter duration than usual and there will be no half time.
1.                    Any player from the Crookwell Soccer Club playing in the Southern Tablelands Football Association shall be bound by the constitution and By-laws of that organisation.
2.          These players shall also be bound by the Constitution of the Crookwell Soccer Assocation
Trophies and Awards:
Trophies will be awarded to the winners and runners up in A and B Grade Grand Finals.
Trophies will be awarded for:
The Best and Fairest – Boy and Girl - in A, B, C and D Grades 
The Most Consistent – Boy and Girl - in A, B, C and D Grades
The Most Improved – Boy and Girl - in A, B, C and D Grades
Encouragement Award - Boy or Girl – in A, B, C and D Grades
Club person of the Year – nominations received from players, parents, coaches and spectators.
There are never enough coaches to go around that is why we as the committee often call upon you, the parent for coaching duties.
Coaching is very rewarding, and it can be very frustrating. Over the years, we have found that the more you put into it the more you get out of it and the more the kids will benefit.
Try to show the kids the basics of the game and always try to see the positive side of things.
Thank you to every coach who gives up part of their weekend for the enjoyment of our children.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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