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 Crookwell Soccer Club Incorporate Constitution

 4. LIFE MEMBERSHIP: (This award exists to recognize the valuable contribution of individuals to the current and future existence of the Club).

4.1       Life members are voted on at an Incorporate meeting with the two- thirds (2/3) of members present voting for the acceptability of the nomination.

4.2       Life members are entitled to hold a committee position if nominated.

4.3       The number of Life Members at any one time shall not exceed 10% of the total members.

4.4       Not more than 2 Life Members shall be elected in any one financial year.

4.5       Criteria for Life Membership:

The minimum criteria to be eligible for nomination for life membership is that the member must have demonstrated:  

4.5.1    General Considerations

In considering the award of Life Membership an individual should have demonstrated significant, sustained and high quality service enhancing the reputation and future of the Club.

The points to be taken into account when considering any nomination should include: the general attitude and overall demeanor of the nominee to ensure that the attitude is one that reflects a dedication to the values of the Club; an active and positive participation in the activities of the Club during the period of service; commitment to the principals of good sportsmanship and behaviour consistent with the Crookwell Soccer Club’s Code of Conduct; been a financial member of the Club for a total of ten (10) years; direct involvement with Club activities; service on the Committee; foundation of the Club.

4.5.2    Length of Service

The length of service to the Club should be a total of 20 years.

4.5.3    Retraction of a Life Membership Award may occur where the recipient has conducted him/herself in a manner that reflects directly and adversely on the image or activities of the Club. This provision will only be exercised in exceptional circumstances and will require the full support of the Club Committee and voting members to be enacted. As part of the deliberations, the Life Member in question is also to be given an opportunity to present their case for retention of their Life Membership status.

4.6       Benefits of Life Membership

In addition to the status of membership of a select group within the Club, Life Membership will be recognized by:

4.6.1    presentation of the Life Membership badge at the annual Senior Soccer Club Presentation

4.6.2    entitlement to full voting rights equal to any other member at Junior, Senior and Incorporation Meetings and exemption from annual fees, but not player fees.

4.6.3    Life members and their spouse / partner will receive a complimentary invitation to all presentation functions.

4.6.4    Recipients name will be displayed on the Life Member Board on display in the Lin Cooper Fields canteen building.

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