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Office Bearers


President                                             David Shepherd - 0422659123
Senior Competition President             Nick Harrop
Junior Competition President              Ben Churchill
Secretary / Public Officer                    Nicola Foster - 0468809401
Treasurer                                             Beryl Croker    
Junior Registrar                                   VACANT
Senior Registrar                                  Simon Bill
Publicity Officer                                   Machallie McCormack
Canteen Coordinator                          Donna McGeechan
Member Protection Officer                 Julie Simpson
Website Administrator                        Beryl Croker
Summer Competition Coordinator      Nick Harrop / Simon Bill
Clawfield Cup Coordinator                  Simon Bill
Coaching / Coaches Coordinator        Kent McDonald
Sponsor Coordinator                           Kent McDonald
General Committee - Seniors              Rebecca George, Nioka Bill, William Merryfull
                                - Juniors              Machallie McCormack
Head Judicary                                     William Merryfull
Patrons                                                Mr Warwick Hanley & Mr Theo Douven
We, the executive of the Crookwell Soccer Club take this opportunity to wish all players, referees, coaches, parents and supporters the very best for the 2019 season may it be rewarding to all and injury free.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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