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1. OBJECTIVES: To facilitate the enjoyment & recreational benefits of modified soccer in a relaxed social and fun atmosphere for all members of the community. 









Committee Chairperson: Billie Willis

Treasurer:     Vacant

Committee Members:              Simon Bill

Billie Willis
Kent McDonald

Judiciary Committee:     Any 2 members of the Competition Committee and if available John Hanley


Postal address: PO Box 100, Crookwell NSW 2583

Email: crookwellsoccerclub@hotmail.com 

Contact Number: 0409245220 (Billie Willis) OR 0458270101 (Simon Bill)


3. VENUE: Lin Cooper fields, Crookwell NSW


4. FIELDS: Up to six (6) junior fields to be used




6. TIME SLOTS: 5.45pm, 6.30pm, 7.15pm




Sunday 11 November 2012: Lin Cooper Fields at 9am


If you are not available to register on this date, please contact Simon Bill beforehand.


Maximum 18 teams to be registered. ‘First come – first in’ basis for teams that complete all registration requirements. The first 12 teams to be registered will be guaranteed in the competition.




Each team must nominate a Team Captain. The team captain will be responsible for distributing the competition game schedule and ensuring there is a duty referee for the game your team is scheduled to referee.  Whistles and rules of the games will be available on the night.


If a referee is not in attendance to referee from the start of the scheduled match, the nominated team will loose 3 points.


9. COMPETITION DATES (subject to adjustment):


2012: 26 November, 3 December, 10 December, 17 December, BREAK.

2013: 14 January, 21 January, 28 January, 4 February, 11 February, 18 February. 10 competition matches.


Note: The number of match days may be altered to best accommodate the competition draw & finals as required.




Monday 25 February 2013:      Semi-Finals

Monday 4 March 2013: Grand Final.


Monday 11 March 2012: Only if wet weather

Note: Due to insurance cover termination, the competition must be completed prior to 31 March 2013.




Mixed competition, not graded. 




  1. Each player must be able to produce proof of identity and date of birth upon registration.


  1. Player I.D cards are not required for this competition.


  1. Team must register a minimum of five (5) and a maximum of nine (9) players.


  1. The last day for registering additional players or de-registering players whom have not taken the field of play at all is Friday 23 November 2012 prior to 5pm.


  1. The minimum ages to be eligible to play shall be: 


Men – turning a minimum of 13 years of age in the calendar year 2012.

Women – turning a minimum of 13 years of age in the calendar year 2012

Or   registered with STFA senior soccer in the Winter Season 2012


There is no requirement for individuals to complete individual registration forms for the 2012/13 season.


Each team will complete one form called ‘Summer Soccer Team Rego Form’  Each player for the team who signs this form is acknowledging they have read and understood the following attached documents.


  • Players Code of Conduct
  • Spectator Code of Conduct
  • Football NSW Accident Support Program Summary


Each team will be given a copy the competition rules, it is the responsibility of the team captain to ensure all players are aware of the rules prior to commencing the competition.  


Any forms and information leaflets will be available on www.crookwellsoccer.org.au


A team will not be considered registered for entry into the competition unless all player fee & players’ Accident Support fees are paid in full and all details are complete on the team registration form.




  1. All players are required & expected to abide by the FNSW ‘Players Code Of Conduct’ which is issued & available to all players at time of registration as displayed at the venue.


  1. All coaches, managers & team officials are required & expected to abide by the CSC ‘Coach/Manager/Team Official Of Conduct’ which is issued & available to all coaches, managers & team officials at time of registration as displayed at the venue.


  1. All spectators are required & expected to abide by the STFA ‘Spectators Code Of Conduct’ which is issued & available during the player registration period and as displayed at the venue.




Each player will have an individual fee of $10.00, plus additional Accident Support Levy as applicable, for each player. A team may not be registered with less than five (5) players.


Player fee:  $10.00


Player Accident Support levy: As per schedule below.




(Previously registered with FFA for winter 2012 season)


(NOT previously registered with FFA for winter 2012 season)

Junior/Student (Previously registered with FFA for winter 2012 season)

Junior/Student (NOT previously registered with FFA for winter 2012 season)

$ 15.00

$ 30.00

$ 4.00

$ 9.50



Note: Juniors & Student Accident Support levies do not include any income protection. The full adult insurance levy must be paid if Junior or Student players require income protection.


Dual Registration: Players may apply to dual register in one other summer soccer team only. If the application is approved, the player must pay an additional $10 fee.


Payment of player fees + player Accident Support levies is acceptable via cash, single cheque or money order. 




The Summer Soccer committee may fine a team for inappropriate conduct or failing to comply with the rules for the competition.  The fine will be noted against the team and deducted from any prize money the team may be eligible for at the end of the competition i.e. winners of the grand final or runners up in the grand final.




(a) These rules shall cover the senior summer soccer competition conducted by the Crookwell Soccer Club Inc. 


(b) These competition rules and regulations are subject to alteration as required, by a simple majority vote of the competition committee.


(c) Any matters not included in the rules and regulations must be referred to the competition committee, whose decision shall be final.


(d) Following the closing date for team nominations, the committee shall meet to arrange suitable competitions for the season. No late entries will be permitted unless they can replace a bye in the draw.


(e) The competition size in terms of the total number of participating teams is limited. Team nominations are accepted only when the full base team fee & player insurance levies are paid. Part payment of these fees does not guarantee entry to this competition. 


(f) All players are required to abide by the FNSW Players Code Of Conduct.


(g) All Spectators and Parents of children under the age of 18 years playing in the competition are required to abide by the STFA Spectators Code Of Conduct.


(h) All Coaches, Managers and Team Officials are expected to abide by the Coaches/Managers Code Of Conduct.


(i) If teams finish on equal points in the competition then the team position shall be determined by:


(1) The team with highest goal difference by deducting from the total number of goals scored by each team less the number of goals scored against that team, or if that be equal then by;


(2) The team with highest number of goals scored; or if that be equal then;


(3) The results of previous matches between the teams during the competition, whereby the team with most wins of previous matches proceeds to finals. If there are equal wins, then the team with best goal difference from all previous matches between these teams proceeds to the finals.


(j) In the event of the withdrawal of any teams before the conclusion of the competition, all points previously allocated in matches in which they have taken part shall be deleted and the goals for and against adjusted accordingly.



(a) Win ...........................................  3 points

Score draw ................................  2 points

Scoreless draw ...........................  1 point

Loss ...........................................  0 points

Bye ............................................  0 points

Win by forfeit .............................  3 points (3 goals)

Team forfeit ...............................  0 points (-3 goals)

Fielding unregistered player ....... -2 point

Failure to do duty requirements... -2 points & team fine


(b) Depending on the number of teams nominating, the fixtures committee shall determine the number of rounds in each competition. Full rounds need not be played.


(c) Where possible the competition committee will conduct competitions to best accommodate the number of teams nominated.


(d) At the completion of the competition round(s), the four (4) highest ranked teams by points will play off for the right to be Summer Soccer Champions. The order of play in the semi-final shall be:


(Team 1 plays team 4) & (Team 2 plays team 3)


The winner of these matches advance to the Grand Final


  1. The competition committee reserves the right to alter the rules for semi-finals, and grand finals.


(f) In the event of drawn matches in all finals matches, two equal halves of five (5) minutes extra time shall be played in all divisions unless a goal is scored in extra time by way of a ‘Golden Goal’ i.e. the team scoring the first goal in extra time wins the match.  


In the event of the match resulting in a zero score after 10 minutes extra time has been played the following shall decide the winner;


Three (3) penalty kicks per team taken alternately, if still equal after this, one (1) penalty kick per team shall be taken until one team gains a lead after an equal number of kicks. No player may be replaced after the end of extra time.


(g) It is the responsibility of the each team playing on each field to visually check the goal posts are secure before the match. 




In all competition matches the Duty Referee will complete a score card and hand into

the Competition Coordinator.  The Duty Referee must finalise the score card by

noting correct team scores and names of goal scorers. This then is to be returned to

the Competition Coordinator.




A protest/dispute may be lodged on any matter relating to or arising out of the competition.  Protests may be lodged on the competition night on which they occur. All protests/disputes will be heard by the competition committee whose decision on the matter shall be final.  A decision will be made on the night of protest whenever possible.




In the event of inclement weather conditions, a decision will not be made until it is clearly evident to the competition committee, that conditions are unsuitable for play. 


It is the responsibility of each team captain to contact the Competition Coordinator, Billie Willis or Simon Bill or check Facebook CrookwellSoccer or the website www.crookwellsoccer.org.au to see if the games scheduled have been cancelled.


General rule of thumb, games are typically only cancelled where there is hail or lightening.  


In the event of matches commencing and later games from the same division being washed out, the complete round for affected divisions will be declared null and void.





LAW 1 The field of play will be approximately one half of a full size soccer field. Rooball type goal posts supplied by Upper Lachlan Shire Council only will be used. The goal posts are approximately 1.8 metres high x 3 metres long. A semi-circle of approximately 6 metres will be marked around the goals indicating the goalkeeper’s area. Goalkeepers may roam anywhere on the field but can only use there hands or arms to control the ball when inside their own 6 metre semi-circle area. All other players cannot enter this semi-circle. A halfway line, sidelines, and a penalty spot at 7 metres from the goal line will also be marked.


LAW 2 Size 5 match balls will be supplied by the competition committee.


LAW 3 The number of registered players per team will be a minimum of five (5) & a maximum of nine (9) per team. There will be a maximum of five (5) players per team including the goalkeeper on the field of play at any one time. Of the five players, two female players will be on the playing field at all times. There will be unlimited interchange and no suspension of play whilst this takes place. Interchange requires the player to have left the field prior to the new player entering the field of play. Interchange for both teams must occur on the same sideline, within 5 metres of where the halfway line intersects the sideline. A change of goalkeeper is allowed at anytime, but only after the acknowledgment by the referee.


LAW 4 Players are encouraged to wear moulded boot footwear, ‘grasscat’ type or sandshoes; no screw in stud type boots will be allowed.  Shin pads are compulsory and it is the player’s responsibility to ensure that their shin pads cover a minimum of 75% of their leg shins nominally between their ankle and knee. Simple T-shirts of the same colour is all that is required for a team strip. Distinguishing goalkeeper’s shirt or bib is essential. Club shirts are also acceptable, however this simple rule allows players from different clubs/friends/work colleagues etc to join together and play without having to be affiliated with a particular club. Shirts numbers are not required.


LAW 5 Team duty referees (as appointed) will control each game. A representative from the duty team must be available to referee or assist the referee for all games as appointed. The team captain MUST organise somebody from their team to referee or assist the referee for games as appointed. Failure of a duty team to provide a referee will result in a $20 fine & loss of TWO (2) competition points.


LAW 6 Assistant referees will be used where possible.


LAW 7 The duration of the game will be 20 minutes halves with no half time interval. Teams change around immediately at half time. Games starting after the scheduled time may be shortened, so that later scheduled games are not delayed.


LAW 8 Start of play will be kick off after referee’s whistle.


LAW 9 Ball in and out of play will be the same as winter competition rules.


LAW 10 Method of scoring: All goals must be scored from outside the goalkeeper’s area or on the line of the goalkeeper’s semi-circle area; excepting deflection by the goalkeeper inside the goalkeeper’s area only. Field players or opposing goalkeeper are not allowed inside the goalkeeper’s semi-circle area.


LAW 11 There will be no offside rule applied in this competition.


LAW 12 No slide tackles or tackling / playing the ball from the ground will be permitted. Generally if a players hand/arm or knee/leg is touching the ground when the player also attempts to tackle or plays/controls the ball when they could reasonably have been challenged for the ball by another player; the player doing so will be considered to have committed a foul and a free kick will be awarded against them to the opposing team.


LAW 13 This Law is intentionally written & constructed to penalise & ultimately exclude players & persons from the Crookwell Summer Soccer Competition whom by their own actions are deemed to have chosen to not abide by the applicable Codes Of Conduct and do not aspire to uphold the Crookwell Summer Competition ‘objectives’. 


A sin bin facility will be used for foul play or misconduct.  This will solely be used and timed at the discretion of the referee.  


Minor misdemeanours will accrue a two (2) minute cooling off whereas a more serious offence will incur a five (5) minute penalty. All sin bin penalties will be quantified & recorded on the team sheet. 


Players whom receive three (3) sin bin penalties in a match will be automatically suspended from playing in any match until they serve a one (1) match suspension in the grade & team in which they received the three (3) sin bin penalties. 


Players accruing three (3) sin bin penalties during the competition &/or finals matches will be automatically suspended from playing in any match until they serve a one (1) match suspension in the grade & team in which they received the three (3) sin bin penalties. 


The referee has authority to send a player from the field if he/she believes the offence warrants such action. The referee is required to submit a send-off report on any player sent from the field of play in which they are officiating.


Players sent to the sin bin or sent-off cannot be replaced.  The sin bin is located behind the player’s own goal line.  


The Crookwell Summer Soccer Judiciary Committee will hold a Judiciary Committee hearing to deal with any send-off’s on the very same evening of the send-off offence. The referee report must be submitted and the player must make themselves available to the Judiciary Committee meeting which will be held at the venue at a time convenient to the Crookwell Senior Summer Soccer Judiciary Committee; sometime that same evening. Players sent from the field must report to the canteen within ten (10) minutes of the conclusion of the match from which they were sent from the field to advise that they will be making themselves available for the Judiciary Committee meeting. Players whom do not report to the canteen as required or do not attend the Judiciary Committee meeting will be deemed to have approved for the matter to be heard ‘in absentia’. 


The Crookwell Summer Soccer Judiciary Committee will report all send-off offences & its findings on matters to the Southern Tablelands Football Association (STFA) Judiciary Committee Chairperson within 24 hrs of the send-off & Judiciary Committee meeting hearing the matter. The STFA Judiciary Committee Chairperson shall determine within 4 days whether Crookwell Summer Soccer Judiciary Committee findings are appropriate and acceptable to the STFA or whether the STFA Judiciary Committee will be convened to also hear the matter. The STFA Judiciary Committee is recognised as the next immediate level of regulation of all disciplinary matters eventuating from the Crookwell Summer Soccer Competition. Any further disciplinary appeals or hearings will be in accordance with STFA Rules & By-Laws.


The Crookwell Summer Soccer Judiciary Committee may apply any penalty or sanction upon any player, person, team or team official for any matter arising from the Crookwell Summer Soccer Competition.


The STFA Judiciary Committee may uphold, rescind or impose other sanction for any matter arising from the Crookwell Summer Soccer Competition.


All send-off offences for abusing a referee or other official; or striking another player; or violent conduct off the ball; or retaliating shall incur a minimum four (4) match suspension from all matches, with the suspension to be served in the team & grade that the offence was committed. 


All other send-off offences shall incur a minimum one (1) match suspension in accordance with FIFA rules. This one (1) match minimum suspension cannot be appealed. The suspension to be served in the team & grade that the offence was committed.


Players whom have a history of committing sin bin offences and/or have been sent from the field of play during any previous Crookwell Summer Soccer competition match can expect to receive a suspension penalty greater than the minimum suspensions stated above.


LAW 14 Deliberate time wasting will have an indirect free kick awarded against the offending team:


All free kicks, corner kicks and throw-ins are to be taken within five (5) seconds of placement of the ball/control of the ball. Deliberate time wasting whilst placing the ball will result in an infringement as if the ball was actually placed and 5 seconds elapsed.


If the time limit of five (5) seconds is exceeded, the match referee can award a free kick or throw-in to the opposition. In the case of time limit being exceeded for the taking of a corner kick, the opposition will be awarded a goal kick. In the case of a goalkeeper exceeding the time limit to take a goal kick, a corner kick will be awarded to the opposing team.


LAW 15 The goalkeepers are allowed to go outside their own teams marked goalkeepers area; his/her team members or any attacking team player are not allowed inside the marked goalkeepers area.  The ball remains ‘in play’ for both the goalkeeper to use their hands and field players if the ball is on the marked goalkeepers semi-circle; i.e. the ball has not wholly crossed over the marked semi-circle. If in the opinion of the referee any defending team player enters inside the marked semi-circle area to play the ball: a penalty kick will be awarded to the attacking team - refer to Law 17.  If in the opinion of the referee any attacking team player enters inside the marked semi-circle area to play the ball, a goal kick will be awarded to the defending team.


LAW 16 All free kicks will be indirect free kicks (except penalties per Law-15 or penalties to determine a final after extra time). Opponents cannot encroach closer then two (2) metres to the ball & player taking the penalty kick.


LAW 17 Penalty kicks will only be awarded in circumstances previously described in Law 15. 


A penalty spot will be marked approximately one (1) metre from the top of the goalkeeper’s area. [i.e seven (7) meters from the goal line]. When a penalty kick is taken, all players, apart from the goalkeeper must remain behind the ball. The player taking the penalty kick can take a maximum of one (1) step before kicking the ball. Opponents cannot encroach closer then two (2) metres to the ball & player taking the penalty kick.


LAW 18 Throw-ins will be the same as winter competition. Other than they have to be taken within five (5) seconds of control of the ball. Opponents cannot encroach closer then two (2) metres to the ball & player taking the throw in.


LAW 19 Goal kicks are to be taken by the goalkeeper only and can be taken anywhere within the goalkeepers semi-circle area. In the circumstance of extra time, where both goalkeepers have left the field of play and a goal kick is required to be taken, one of the five (5) remaining defending field players may take position as goalkeeper inside the goalkeepers marked semi-circle for the goal kick only. 


Goal kicks out of the goalkeepers hands or off the ground or the goalkeeper throwing the ball by hand, all from within the goalkeepers semi-circle must be done so within five (5) seconds of placement or control of the ball, and must not travel further than the halfway line on the full.  If the ball does travel over the half way line on the full, a free kick will be awarded to the opposing side at the halfway line where the ball passed.  


Note: The “No Back Pass” rule applies in this competition; i.e. a goalkeeper cannot pick up with their hands, a ball intentionally passed back to them by their own team mate. The goalkeeper can only kick the ball away after a back pass. Even in this situation the ball must not travel further than the halfway line on the full if kicked inside the semi-circle after a back pass.  The goal keeper may dribble the ball outside the semi-circle and then kick the ball over halfway on the full.


Infringement of this Law will result in a corner kick to the opposing team. 


LAW 20 Corner kicks to be taken at the goal end where the side line meets with the end of the backline. This kick is to be taken within five (5) seconds of placement of the ball.


LAW 21 The minimum number of players allowed to commence a match is three (3) plus the goalkeeper. If four (4) players are not present within five (5) minutes of the advised kick off time, a forfeit will result.


Forfeit penalties: Three (3) goals will be awarded against the forfeiting team. To claim a forfeit, the opposing team must fill in the match card appropriately. Appointed referees are still paid the match referee fee.




(a) Competition winners will receive a minimum cash prize of $120.00


(b) Runners up will receive a minimum cash prize of $60.00


The amounts are based on 12 teams being registered for the competition. Less or more teams being registered for the competition may vary the prize money amounts.


End of document.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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